Bloggers Dinner Last Week

I haven’t had time to blog last weeks blogger dinner in Seattle. I had a great time. Scoble and I drove over with Deepak from the MSN TV group. I spent quite a while talking to Steve about syndicating reference data, which builds on his recent SOA posts (more on that later). The coolest new thing this time was meeting Eric Promislow, a senior developer with ActiveState. Eric is responsible for Visual Perl, Visual Python and Visual XSLT (and apparently the Baconizer). One of the Visual XSLT developers was also there, but I missed his name (sorry). The three of us had a very interesting discussion on dynamic languages (something I know little about) and language design (something I know a moderate amount about). I know Ward is a perl guy, so maybe I should give Visual Perl a whirl.

I also got to rant about explain my view of SOA to Scoble on the way home. Lucky him.