Sticking with intraVnews

I downloaded and installed the new NewsGator trial in a VPC to see how it looks. Maybe I’m still getting used to this whole Outlook news reader thing, but I don’t understand why NewsGator continues to flatten my OPML hierarchy. RSS Bandit, SharpReader and intraVnews all respect my hierarchy. I may not read as much as Scoble, but I am reading over 200 blogs these days and I like to categorize them. Favorites, GDN Workspaces, .NET bloggers, MSFT bloggers, Blogs I only scan the headlines of before I delete them, etc. But when I import that same OPML into NewsGator, it gets flattened into one big list of feeds. Apparently, you can manually move the folders around once they are created, but I’m not interested in doing that 200+ times.

Too bad, because the online services looked cool.


This is the whole reason why I switched back to RSSBandit. Not only did you have to manually move the folders to their categories, but if you removed column headings, you had to do that 200+ times also. Outlook just doesn't provide enough generic extensibility (or if it does, NewGator has not ytet taken advantage of it) to provide the depth of features that I've come to take for granted with RSSBandit (coloring of entries, inline comments, etc.)
You don't need to move the folders around to get categories. Leave the folders where they are and use Search Folders to create your Categories. Then it's as simple as checking a box next to each feed in a list to add that feed to the category.
That is, if you are using Outlook 2003. If not,well then, nevermind.
Ryan, It seems to me that a far easier thing would be for NewsGator to create the hierarchy according to the OPML. Why should the user have to do anything after installing it?
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