A Friend Returns

My old teammate Rick Culpepper quit working for Microsoft several months ago because he couldn’t hack the travel. Of course, neither could I - but there are alot more non-travel positions in Redmond, WA than Nashville, TN. Good news for Microsoft, Rick’s back as a TAM for the healthcare vertical.

Welcome back, Rick!

Update: Apparently, I can’t spell “Culpepper” or “months”. Corrected.


Hey, Harry! Question: How long is "...several MOTHS..."? Is that a typo or have we started measuring time in terms of the lifespan of tiny winged creatures? Correction: Culpepper has one (1) "L" and three (3) "P"s. Good news is, the link is right, though. Thanks for the plug. Thanks for the welcome. I can't wait to rejoin the greatest company that I have ever worked for... one of the greatest in the world, for sure. Thanks, Rick