Props to MSN9

A bunch of people have already blogged the new MSN. I mean, it did launch yesterday. (I feel so behind the times).

However, I have to blog on my favorite new feature – integrated POP3 email. I started using Thunderbird because I wanted to keep my DevHawk email seperate from my work and personal email addresses. I used to use Outlook Express but the lack of junk mail filtering doomed that choice (I know about tools like POPFile, but I wanted a single app solution). I also tried Outlook 2003 which had good junk mail filtering but it was bad at keeping my email accounts seperate. The MSN Plus and MSN Premium both support accessing POP3 email address, keep the email seperate from my personal hotmail email and do a great job filtering junk. Cool!


So, pardon my ignorance... Is there a way to get integrated POP3 email from MSN9 on a computer that doesnt have MSN9 on it? ie: can I go to some website and check email when Im away from this computer and get it all in one spot?
As far as I understand (i.e. I'm not on the MSN team, so I'm not the expert), the POP3 support is a feature of the MSN client.