PressPlay and College Radio

I just signed up for the PressPlay free trial. I’m on the road and just needed some tunes. I guess I should also try some of the other the services, but so far I’m very impressed. Only a couple of annoyances: the whole “Portable Download” concept is way more complicated & pricey than it needs to be. Everyone else just charges 99¢ a song (or less). What’s with the buying “packs” of portable downloads? And, of course, their music collection could be bigger – no AC/DC :(. But lots of stuff that I haven’t listened to since I was a DJ for my college radio station.

Speaking of college radio, writing this post inspired me to google my old radio station KSCR. I guess it never occurred to me before now, but of course they are streaming over the Internet. Currently playing: World’s On Heroin by All. Never heard it before, but I like it. Current show on KSCR is Yay For Punk with Naitze “DJ Naitze Naitz” Teng & Kate Wilcox. Their on-air sound needs work and apparently the issues of DJ’s arriving on time still hasn’t been solved.