Problems with P2P SDK

Has anybody gotten the P2P SDK to work? I’ve been playing with it, working on ideas for wrapping it in managed code. I’ve actually got classes wrapping the Identity Manager and PNRP Namespace APIs as well as a start on the Graphing API. Due to the nature of the SDK, I’ve been writing in Managed C++. While tricky and not as much fun as writing C#, MC++ is pretty cool. Wrapping the P2P SDK with MC++ has been much easier than I expected. Except for one problem – I can’t seem to get PNRP to work. Even the GraphChat demo doesn’t work for me.

PNRP stands for the Peer Name Resolution Protocol. It is supposed to be a serverless DNS system. It allows me to register a peer name for later look up and resolution. I can register and unregister a peer name and endpoint. It even throws and exception if I attempt unregister without registering first, so something must be happening. But I can’t resolve the peer name to an address. And it’s not just my code (which is copied near verbatim from the help files), the sample GraphChat app doesn’t seem to work either. I’m attempting to register in the default “global” cloud as is the GraphChat sample, but no luck.

Just chatted Scoble on this – since he was so excited when we released it. As a fellow evangelist, he is willing to put me in touch with the powers-that-P2P. However, I’d appreciate hearing any other “war stories” out there.