Links relevant to P2P

My contact on the P2P team just gave me two more important links for the construction of IPv6 based P2P apps. The first is IP Helper, a library included with XP that “enables the retrieval and modification of network configuration settings for the local computer”. I had never seen that library before, but it’s full of useful methods like GetAdaptersInfo and GetAdaptersAddresses. I want to be able to retrieve the IPv6 address of my NICs directly, so this is the library I need. Anyone out there wrapped it in managed code yet? I was hoping to do this part with WMI, but the IPv6 info doesn’t seem to be exposed via WMI.

The other relevant link is the IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall SDK, which “contains all the software required to configure the IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall”. I assume that means that I can open relevant ports to enable P2P communication. As I wrote yesterday, the issue I’m having with GraphChat is likely related to the IPv6 Firewall configuration. I’d like to include in my P2P managed library the ability to manage the IPv6 Firewall.