Happy belated July 4th. There’s a big internal sales conference for Microsoft next week, so I’ve been spending as much time with my family and not with my computer. But right now I’m in Phoenix, where it’s getting into the “one-teens”, so there’s no reason not to blog.

  • I’ve got 3 new members of the SPSynd Workspace. It’s kinda weird since it’s basically an anonymous system. Do I trust people I don’t know anything about to have upload rights to the project? In the end, I decided yes, since it’s under source control. Here’s my GDN ask – can we get an activity ranking for members like we do for directories? Or maybe this isn’t a good idea – I’d probably have a very low rank.
  • I’ve gotten some interest for making workspaces for other projects of mine. I’ve been a little busy with work (fiscal year ended with June) and family to do this. I also have to check w/ Chris Sells since Messenger.NET is built on his imcli library.
  • I joined Jason Alexander’s nGallery workspace. I have a gallery of baby photos that I built using FrontPage. But I want to turn this into a full fledged ASP.NET app. nGallery looks pretty cool so far, so I’m looking forward to getting involved. (I haven’t yet – see early bullet about having a low member rank)
  • I’m listed in an article on MSFT weblogers in the Seattle PI yesderday. Robert gets his picture taken. Joshua and Chris get quoted. I get listed as a good place to find other MSFT weblogs. Not glamorous, but it’s better than nothing I guess. Near the end, the article mentions that MSFT has a hands-off approach to employee blogs. I still don’t get why this is such a big deal.