Keeping Secrets

I chatted w/ Scoble last night around 10:30pm. He wanted me to know he had blogged DevHawk Wiki as well as get my initial take on his secrets post. In response, I told him a secret. He’s got access to many more secrets than I do, so I figure he’s good at keeping them.

On secrets – I know there are a few times I have gone to write something on this blog just to delete it in the interest of keeping a secret. And not just MSFT secrets. I wrote a whole entry on a potential project that I don’t really have time to write. But in the end, I decided to keep it a secret in case I was ever able to build it. Not that it would make a huge amount of money – in MSFT terms it would be a component of a larger product. It’s just something I thought would be cool. (And this isn’t even the secret I told Scoble!). As Scoble points out, as an evangelist part of our job is to keep secrets. And to dole them out to what he calls the “influentials”. He’s talking about journalists, but for me, influentials are decision makers at my customers. Love or hate MSFT, everyone wants to know about what’s coming down the pipe. While I have lots of interesting things to say to customers, none more so than what follows: “You guys are under NDA, right?”

And here’s something that isn’t a secret: Scoble must get by on about 4 hours of sleep every night. He blogged 30 more times last night! That’s a total of 33 times in the 4 hours between 10pm and 2am. Wow.