DevHawk Wiki In Use

Great to hear someone’s already using DevHawk Wiki. Robert Hurlbut (who’s working with Sam Gentile) set it up for his team’s internal use. Great to hear it’s going well Robert!

I figure there are two primary areas where I am interested in outside collaborative assistance on DevHawk Wiki. First, the WikiRenderer. I imagine as people start using DevHawk Wiki, they are going to want more formatting features. Second, SampleWiki is just that – a sample. A “real” wiki would need to add support for versioning at a minimum. User Authentication, search, multiple back ends (files, DB, etc), and reverse links are some of the other features I’d like to see.

I’m not particularly interested in enhancing SampleWiki or building a “RealWiki”. I built DevHawk Wiki primarily to have the WikiRenderer for another project I’m working on (more on that later). So I really mean it when I ask for collaborators.