Finally Back Home

I’m back from the big MSFT conference. It took all day in bed to recover – I caught a virus while I was in New Orleans + I drank + I got about 4 hours of sleep per night.

While it sucked to be away from home for 9 days, it did give me a chance to hang out w/ teammates and other friend coworkers. One of them, Michael Lane Thomas, just spun a weblog up @ GDN Blogs. Like me, Michael is an evangelist in the field, though he’s on the dev side while I’m on the architecture side. In other words, we don’t build the stuff, we have to convince our customers to use it.

One other note: Michael is the “.NET Cowboy”. My teammate Paul (who should start his own blog along with everyone else on my team) has decided that everyone on the team needs a call sign. I guess he saw Top Gun one too many times. So now I work with Ogre, Guns, Jet, Groove Train and Voodoo among others. I have been dubbed “Wizard” in obvious reference to Harry Potter. I guess it could be worse – I could have been saddled with Peach Fuzz or Full Moon.