Where I’ve Been

It’s been pretty thin around here on posts. I’m at this big internal MSFT conference this week and I was in Phoenix for work last week. So I spent as much of the weekend away from the computer as possible. As for the rest of this week, wireless access is pretty ubiquitous so I’ll post when I can.

Here’s what else going on:

  • Got to hear John Zachman speak yesterday about his enterprise architecture framework. Pretty cool. I’m still digesting it, so more thoughts on this later.
  • I haven’t worked on SharePoint Syndication at all since releasing v0.4.1. A few hearty souls have joined the workspace, but I haven’t even contacted them beyond admitting them as workspace members. I was thinking that for v0.5, the big feature would be to support some SharePoint Portal Server things for syndication (my site, best bets, searches, etc) but I haven’t even had time to get the B2TR version of SharePoint Portal installed.
  • I got the go-ahead from Chris Sells to host his imcli library as part of a Messenger.NET GDN Workspace. Look for that soon.