Mobile Phones Do Suck

But here in the states, we’re screwed, for one simple reason. Telephone companies are powerful here. Too powerful. Service, essentially, is equally bad, regardless of carrier; basically, you will either have a signal or not, based on where you are, not based on who your contract is with.

So, when I ask myself why my I can’t write my own applications for my phone, why I cant send MMS messages to my friends containing pictures or sound, or why I have to change my voicemail to let everyone know that I switched numbers, I can answer myself by saying, “Because North American phone carriers are greedy and lazy”.

[Chris Hollander: Objective]


My mobile phone died last week. I’d go get a warranty replacement, but it would be the 5th time in 6 months that I’ve done so. I was hoping the sales rep for my wireless provider would have contacted me by now, but of course that hasn’t happened.