Driving Tour of Phoenix

Got to Phoenix only to discover I had left the charger for my development laptop (otherwise known as my “portable server”). Since I’m here to talk code, maybe having a working laptop is a good idea. (My tablet is going to be a good dev machine, but I haven’t gotten it entirely configured yet). I drove around a while, looking for a replacement AC adapter. Found what I thought was a Fry’s Electronics, but was actually a Fry’s Food & Drug. Luckily, there was a Best Buy nearby. No AC adapter, but they did have the T2: Extreme Edition on sale so I picked it up. I eventually found a universal AC adapter after visiting two Radio Shacks, but frankly I wanted to check out T2. Unfortunately, the “player recommendation” indicate that laptops don’t play the hi-def version “due to the amount of data transfer required”. They weren’t kidding. But even without being able to watch the hi-def version (for now), it’s got lots of great features. Audio commentary by James Cameron, lots of new documentaries and on-the-set footage. Favorite toy: the Terminator FX studio. You can import your own photos and either make morph videos into the T1000 or create a “battle damaged” T800. I only have pictures of my son with me, so I made a cool, but disturbing, photo of him as a T800 with part of the cybernetics showing through.