WSS RSS v0.4

It’s taken long enough, but I’m finally getting WSS RSS v0.4 out the door. Primary new feature is support for customizing the RSS feed on a list type basis. I had made a slight unreleased change to expose pubDate as well as dc:date. Now, that stuff is all in the wssrss.config file so it’s easy to add support for whatever item elements you want. There is also support for expiring items in the feed based on age or on value match (for example, exclude tasks that are marked completed), again configured via the wssrss.config file. In even bigger news, I didn’t change the installer process this time.

It’s going to be a while before I do a v0.5 release. I want to enable configuration of the RSS feed on a per-list basis, instead of just on a per-list-template basis. Plus I’ve got a few bugs and I want to figure out how to expose a UI link to the OPML and RSS feeds on a WSS website. But I think I want to wait until a later build of WSS is available. I’ve gotten email from a WSS early adopter program members who is having issues with WSSRSS and a later build of WSS (sorry, v0.4 will have the same issue). I’m hoping to get access to a later build, but obviously, I’m not going to publicly post a new version of WSSRSS if the corresponding build of WSS isn’t generally available. Also, while there has been some strong interest in WSSRSS, it started life as a demo to help me learn how to program WSS. I’ve got other things I want to try with WSS that have sat on the back burner while I worked on WSSRSS. I promise to post code when I get something working.


Hi, Thats a nyc article on WSS-RSS. Iam trying to get RSS onto WSS 2.0 where in I want to publish some of my documents. Could you please provide me information about how to do it. Thanks in advance.