DevHawk Now Supports RSS Core Profile and CDF

I upgraded my weblog slightly today. Primarily, I updated my RSS feed to support Timothy Appnel’s RSS Core Profile Draft 2. In addition to mundane changes (pubDate becomes dc:date), I’m finally supporting xhtml:body for my content. Also, a la sTimothy’s sample feed, I’m using a default namespace to finally move all of the RSS elements into a namespace. According to the profile draft, using a default namespace should be considered “optionally permissible”. RSS Bandit handled the updates. Since I’m curious, email me if your reader doesn’t.

I also added support for CDF as per Don’s suggestion last month. It was simple, so I figured what the heck. I did have to search a little to discover that for CDF, the contentType has to be set to “application/x-cdf” in order to get IE to recognize that it’s not just vanilla XML. I had to use Google to find this info, since searching MSDN for “cdf contenttype” came up blank.