Matrix Reloaded (No Spoilers)

Saw Matrix Reloaded yesterday. Loved it, but I know I don’t get all of it – quite the mind trip. Reminds me of how I felt after seeing Brazil the first time.

Reading some of the lukewarm reviews reminds me of a conversation I had at the West LA Blockbuster Video several years ago. I was renting 12 Monkeys (another great Terry Gilliam movie). The guy in front of me in line commented that he hated the movie. I quipped that “It was above the heads of most people”. This guy, not realizing I had just insulted his intelligence, responded with an enthusiastic “Yeah!”

I think everyone who sees the Matrix Reloaded will fall into one of two categories – those that don’t get all of it the first time and hate it and those who don’t get all of it the first time and love it. I’m curious to see how well this does at the box office in the coming weeks. It will break all the records this weekend, but does it have “legs”? Most of the people who’s blogs I read have loved it. But not everyone.

At some point will we (as a blog community) declare the spoiler-free period over in order to allow for full discussion?