Aggregating RSS, Revisited

I posted yesterday about wanting a filtered version of aggregate RSS feeds. I take it back! I want my RSS news aggregator client to be filter enabled, not the service providing the aggregate feed. What was I thinking? Since I’ve signed up as a member of RSS Bandit (and just got accepted as a member of Harvester) I’ll look into adding the feature myself. Also, Sam Ruby pointed out Luke Hutteman’s SharpReader which looks like it allows you to view a post in context with other posts like a threaded conversation. Cool, I’ll have to check that out.

On an RSS related note, thanks Dare and Don for pointing out SgmlReader to me. I just built a simple utility to download my weblog DB into an XML file, including converting the HTML -> XHTML (though I still need to do some namespace conversion work). As such, I don’t see the need for my HtmlReader. However, I will be keeping the code around and will even be updating it soon with a bug fix from Chad Osgood.