Talking Trash About Tony

I’ve been playing in the Microsoft Flag Football league for the past few weeks. Today was the first time I knew anyone on the field other than my teammates. Tony Goodhew is a PM in the VS.NET group. He’s worked with VC++ (Here’s an interview with new MSFT employee Robert Scoble), J#, plus he does stuff with standardization of CLR. Tony’s Australian, which means he plays more rugby than football, a fact that was clearly obvious as I blew past him and the rest of his team’s offensive line to sack the QB in the end zone for the safety that turned out to be the margin of victory. I’d love to see Tony start a blog. He’s been kicking around the .NET team so long he’s got a bunch of good stories to tell. I brought him to a .NET student user group meeting at U of Washington and he was awesome. I’m hoping that if I talk enough trash about him here, he’ll start a blog just to respond in kind.

In other news, I need new business cards. Given that Scoble credits his weblog with getting him hired, I’ve decided to put my weblog on the business cards. Anybody else do this?