Final Flight of the Osiris

Just got back from seeing Dreamcatcher. Didn’t get to see it when it first came out for obvious reasons. My wife Julie read the book and enjoyed it – which is surprising since she doesn’t typically like Stephen King books. I liked it – looking forward to going back and reading the book myself.

One of the primary reasons to see Dreamcatcher now was because of the AniMatrix short “Final Flight of the Osiris“. I was reading the EW cover story on Matrix Reloaded which also talked about the AniMatrix DVD. It mentioned that “Osiris” was a lead-in to the events of Reloaded and the Enter the Matrix game so I had to go see it. Didn’t disappoint. Worth it to see even if you walk out before Dreamcatcher starts.

Chris points out the Japanese trailer which I missed – pondering if I should go check it out. If it’s got a spoiler, I might just give it a pass until after I see Reloaded.