Roy Osherove hates his job

You probably don’t know me. I work in your company….We work hard. the situation is bad. We work harder, yet you can’t even bring yourself to say “good morning” to us, who have worked for you for several years now. some of us gave up better paying offers because of false promises you have made. We worked like dogs for nights on end in more then one occasio. never once did you decide to stop and say “good job” or “Keep going. you just go on, with your sealed face and you astronomical salary, leaving us behind, trying to wonder what the hell is going yo happen next….We are tired. Tired of this abuse. We won’t stand for this much longer. You must understand that people are your most precious asset, and their loyalty is what will help you stay alive. Do you know what is the first thing to happen once the market situation calms down and things will be a litlle bit more normal? You will be left with an empty company. [Roy Osherove’s ISerializable]

Been there, done that, got fed up, quit and went to work for Microsoft. No company I’ve ever worked for understands that “our people is our most precious asset” better than Microsoft.

According to the Microsoft Careers site, there are 1729 positions open across the US right now. Why wait?