Quote Update

I’ve had a chance to email back and forth with Mary Jo Foley regarding being quoted in Microsoft-Watch newsletter. She sent me a copy of last week’s article where she links to Don’s opinion of InfoPath and directly quotes Clemens. So my comment about only quoting the guy with something negative to say was wrong, and thus I retract it and apologize. There was also some confusion regarding my opinion of InfoPath as a front-end blogging tool. I was commenting on InfoPath’s suitability (or lack thereof) as a general development tool, not as a weblog front end. I think that InfoPath would rock as a front-end blog tool – I’m just frustrated by the current lack of documentation.

BTW, Scoble had this to say:

Ahh, Harry Pierson is quoted by Mary Jo Foley and asks what I think of all this. Definitely it’s the new world. I imagine there’ll be a day when I get quoted about something or another that NEC is doing. It sure would be nice, though, if journalists always include a link in their articles back to the source. That way we can always put it back in context for people who want more information. Main-stream press folks, though, rarely link to outside resources. Why is that? They don’t want their readers to leave. It’s yet another reminder, though, that what you say online is important and may be used against you at some time in a future. It’s a wacky new world, that’s for sure. Be careful out there.
[The Scobleizer Weblog]

I wanted to point out that while “main-stream press folks rarely link”, the same can’t be said of Mary Jo. The newsletter includes links to all of the relevant blog entries. They’re using a redirect server so the links in the newsletter are routed though them, but the user ends up on the blog entry in question. Also, Microsoft-Watch has an RSS feed, which I’ve now subscribed to.

Robert, are you going to add “Let’s be careful out there” to your manifesto? I’ll hum the theme to Hill Street Blues…