Blogging from Office 2003

I finally got around to upgrading to Office 2003 Beta 2. Now I need to move from FrontPage to InfoPath to make blog entries. Too bad there is almost no documentation. Plus, I share Early Adopter’s frustration that it’s script based instead of CLR based. I think Don’s enthusiasm for InfoPath has inflated expectations a bit. InfoPath is from the Office group, not the VS.NET group. It’s an eForms tool, not an application development tool. And last but not least, it’s a 1.0 product. I think that InfoPath is a great start, but I’m not sure it’s the second coming of VB.

I want to break open than .xsn file and start playing with the schema, transforms and other XML docs stored in there. If they are all XML, then it should be possible to repurpose the files for alternative usage.