Site Update + More Office2k3 XML thoughts

Kudos to Scott W & TripleASP.NET’s Show My Code tool. I updated the source code to my articles so the sample code would be syntax color coded. I like it. Not 100% satisfied w/ the output – I did hand tool the results a bit. Maybe there could be an option to spit out an XML adorned version of the source code? Then I could put the <br> tags exactly where I wanted them via an XSLT.

Speaking of XSLT, FrontPage 2003 is supposed to have an XSLT graphical editor. But from some basic looking around, it appears that it only works in conjunction a SharePoint based site. Too bad, I was hoping it would compete with Altova’sStylevision graphical XSLT editor. Given the relatively high bar for XSLT development, and Office 2003′s support of XML in general and XSL in particular, I thought that FrontPage might naturally evolve into an XSLT tool.

Anyone know where WordML schema is documented?