What does Teredo stand for?

But what makes [threedegrees] interesting from a tech standpoint is the technology bets that are involved. The groups are built on the Microsoft peer to peer platform, which is ipv6 only. The IPv6 part means that NATs are a deployment blocker, so enterteredo. [Doubt’s log]

I just noticed this yesterday as well. Very cool stuff. I didn’t realize that XP SP1 includes a production quality IPv6 stack (though it’s still appears as “developer preview” in the UI) and Windows Server 2003 takes that support to the next level. Plus .NET Framework 1.1 includes support for IPv6. Terendo seems pretty cool (traffic IPv6 over IPv4 and bypass NAT issues). However, how much does Teredo (sometimes called Shipworm) rely on UPnP support? The slides Doubt linked to claims that it works for “all NAT”, but it also discusses UPnP in depth. I’ve turned off UPnP support on all my machines inside my Linksys NAT, not because of the security issue but because my NAT doesn’t behave when it’s turned on. I have to routinely reset the NAT when UPnP support is turned on. I’ve updated to the latest firmware, but I’m still having the problem.