Thoughts on Iraq

In September, President Bush claimed the UN runs the risk of becoming irrelevant if it fails to act. Today, Condoleezza Rice claimed that the UN Security Council is “getting a history of being unable to react“. But in the face worldwide protests, many of which are targeted not at America but directly at Bush and his Administration, I can’t help but wonder about the risks the US is taking and how history will view Bush. I found Senator Robert Byrd’s speech [from KeithBa’s Blog] put my thoughts and feelings into words. It’s amazing the damage that has been done to this great nation in such a short time but such a short-sighted President. I agree with David Weller regarding Hussein’s need for an ass-kicking, but that’s not for the US alone to decide.

What does it say about Bush that he claims that Iraq is in “material breach” of UN Security Council resolutions (which they are, IMO), but is willing to go to war with Iraq without the sanction of that very organization?