Twas the Night Before Christmas

Patrick and Santa

My son (pictured with Santa) finally fell asleep for his first Christmas Eve. Of course, I read him ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas before bedtime. He was pretty worked up because we have quite a crowd in town. My parents, brother and great aunt all arrived today. That makes eight with my wife, my son, my mother-in-law (who just moved up a few months ago) and me. Add the tree and all the presents and you get a very excited little boy. Plus we’re going to Victoria to see my uncles the day after Christmas.

With so many people in town plus it being my son’s first Christmas, we have a ton of presents under the tree. My wife’s immediate thought was of the kids all over the world who don’t get the presents (or the opportunities) that we do. It’s been an amazing year for me, from the birth of my son to my new job and getting published.  I can only hope I am lucky enough to have as good year next year as I had this past year. In addition to the usual resolutions to clean out the garage and lose weight (though I have a role model on that one), I want to do more in 2004 to share this happiness and prosperity with those less fortunate.

Have a happy holiday season and good luck to you, dear reader, for the year ahead.