Live on XBOX


After months of having my XBOX hooked up on my big screen TV but far away from my cable modem, I finally broke down and bought a wireless adapter for it. I had been thinking about wiring the house and/or buying a Media Center PC. However, Media Center doesn’t support HD inputs (AFAIK) and HD PVR via cable or satellite should be here shortly. So I decided to skip the wiring job and go straight to playtime.

My gamertag is “RayTracer”. (Buy me a beer at the next MSFT conference and I’ll tell you why.) Many thanks to Cory for hooking me up with a gamertag graphic to live on my home page.

Let me know if you want to hit the ice, the mountain, the streets or the sky.


I plan on getting my house networked up in a week or so, and my XBox is included in this, and I just got PGR2 for X-mas, so I'll definitely look for you when I'm online. Regards, Jason