True Fresco

For vacation this past week, my family went to Los Angeles to visit friends and family. We got to see some of my old college friends as well as Julie’s brother, dad and best friend. We also went by our old apartment building to see iLia and Elena Anossov, the apartment managers, as well as their son Phillip. In addition to managing our old apartment building, they are both artists. Ilia is one of the few fresco masters living in the US. In addition to his art, he also runs a variety of online properties dedicated to fresco painting. You can check out his portfolio, read his biolearn about fresco painting, take a fresco painting class, view the fresco image database or read the Fresco Painting Society Weblog (RSS subscribed).

I’m reading Jeff’s account of the mural for his wife with great interest. I don’t think I want to invest in such a project in my current house, but in a few years when we move on to something bigger (hopefully) then I hope I can bring Ilia (and family) up to paint a fresco mural for my house.