Custom dasBlog Macro

I’m back from vacation and I just had to deploy a small dasBlog update that I hacked up while I was on the plane and my wife and son were sleeping. Clemens posted on the GDN workspace about registering your own macro classes. The theme that my wife wanted for her weblog comes with a variety of different sayings for the top of the page (My Journal, Welcome, Listen To My Cheery Chirpings, etc). I thought it would be cool if the image rotated or changed every time you came to the site. So I built my own custom macro class that overrides the radio.macros.imageUrl macro. Now, if you pass in a series of images seperated by vertical pipes (i.e. “image1.gif|image2.gif|image3.gif”), it will split out into an array of image urls and pick one at random. Pretty cool. Anyone want to see the code?


Sure - sounds interesting. Would be cool to pull humorous quotes like ones on and randomly post one in the banner, too.
i know this is an old entry, but i recently installed dasBlog on my web server and am playing around with it. one of the things i'm looking to do is not only add a random picture, but quote as well. i would love to see your macro/code if you still have it. i'm really interested in learning HOW to add custom macros and the like. thanks!