More HW Issues

I think I’m cursed – my HW woes continue. My multibay hard drive where I keep all my data as well as run my VPC’s from has started to go belly up. So 22 GB of backing up later, I’m going to see if a complete reformat of the drive solves the problem. I’m thinking it’s a controller issue, so reformatting isn’t going to do squat, but I gotta see if I can salvage the drive. If not, a replacement multi-bay drive is not cheap.

In better news, I picked up Amped 2, Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Crimson Skies @ the company store today. Crimson Skies is the one I wanted the most, but I liked the original Amped and I hear the sequel is pretty cool. I picked up Ghoulies primarily as a gift for the school where my wife works as the director of Extended School Services. They have an XBOX but few games, so I figured I’d help out. I’m still waiting for NHL Rivals 2004 and Project Gotham Racing 2. PGR2 was in the store briefly yesterday, but sold out almost immediately. Since I’m cursed, my XBOX is having occasional issues as well, but nothing a little patience doesn’t cure.