PDC Wrap Up Thoughts

It’s been over for a day, and I realize I didn’t blog that much about PDC. Of course, there are plenty who did, so I’ll just add a few thoughts.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Architecture Symposium. Sorry the logistics got so screwed up. In retrospect, I’d say the last minute decision to move us to a smaller room in order to accommodate an Avalon session repeat was a very bad one. We tried to guess what the attendance would be. You all really blew away our expectations. I guess there’s a lot of interest in architecture! I hope this means that you can expect more architecture themed content (driven by our team) at future MSFT conferences. The slides from Pat and David’s talk as well as Keith’s are available online. We’ll get streaming media & transcripts on the architecture as soon as possible, but not until after next week. If you liked Keith’s talk as much as I did, check out the Modeling Languages for Distributed Applications whitepaper that’s up on the VS.NET Home for the Enterprise Customer, which was launched @ PDC.

Here are a few other random thoughts:

  • Favorite Quote: “If it wasn’t for blogging, I’d be very lonely. I wouldn’t know anyone here” – Werner Vogel
  • I’m really glad I met Peter Provost. We had a great conversation @ the weblogger’s BOF and I ended hanging out with him several more times thru the con.
  • Really sorry I didn’t get to see the opening keynote, Scott Hanselman or Band on the Runtime.
  • PDC Bloggers rocks. Has the site changed, or has it always been the “Professional Developer Community Bloggers”? I met with Kevin and Drew during PDC, for obvious reasons.
  • I’m not sure I get why this Longhorn Tweaking Guide advises uninstalling WinFS. The authors of the guide “wouldn’t trust WinFS to be stable enough to house my data just yet”. Personally, I wouldn’t trust Longhorn to be stable enough to house my data just yet. What’s the point of developing for Longhorn now if you’re not going to use the big three pillars: Avalon/WinFS/Indigo?

To top off the craziness of this past week, my team is having our big event – the Strategic Architects Forum – in Redmond next week. That means another week of 12 hour plus days. At least this time I get to sleep in my own bed each night. Since there are few (if any) bloggers outside of our team going to this event, I’ll be writing much more about SAF than I did about PDC.

To those who attended, thanks again for making our Architecture Symposium a raging success. Please let us know how we can continue and improve this for future conferences. You can reach me via the info on my virtual business card or you can reach me on IM @ harry@devhawk.net.


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