Back in Blog

I did say I was going to go dark for a while. Of course, I wasn’t expecting to burn my hand on the BBQ grill, get a toothache or for my son to come down with what might be Whooping Cough.

One of the things I’ve been up to is updating my blog software. Well, not as much updating as migrating to DasBlog. I’ve made a bunch of changes to support my current functionality as well as my look and feel. I’ve even built a CDF feed for DasBlog. Clemens wants one. DevHawk currently has one. I’m still trying to figure out how to do my projects and articles sections. It does mean that many of my existing links will break, but I am working on path rewrites to minimize the hassle.

While I’ll be using DasBlog on my personal blog, I’ll also be working with ScottW on .Text. DasBlog rocks as a single user blog, but .Text is a great engine for a hosted weblog community.