Reading, Writing and Business Cards

Well, the darkness continues. I’ve been doing a ton of reading, both on and off line. I saw a post on Many 2 Many that lead me to Design for Community. My copy is on the way. But mostly, I’m busy getting as much stuff done before PDC as I can. In addition to the Architecture Symposium @ PDC, my group is doing two other big events the following week, so things are a little crazy around here.

One of the things that’s been taking up my time is getting my new machine configured. I’m doing a good job keeping my host WinXP install clean, while installing all my development tools into VPCs. One of the benefits of working on campus is that I now have access to Indigo and Longhorn. I’ve got one VPC with Longhorn already and I’m setting up an Indigo/Whidbey VPC. I also want to kick the tires on Yukon, but I think I’m going to build a separate VPC for that.

Finally, I got my new business cards. Our e-procurement tool includes a preview of what your business card will look like. My cards from my previous role first had the .NET logo, then I changed to the VS.NET logo. I decided to just go w/ the vanilla logo cards this time.

Since I’m doing community, I figured I should post my contact info where the community can get it. Our IT dept. just moved my mailbox to a bigger server plus I’m running Outlook 2003‘s Junk Mail Filter, so I should be able to handle any increase in email traffic, both legitimate and spam. (Though I did add spaces in my email address above try and avoid automatic harvesting.) If you have specific ideas around architecture, community and Microsoft, please send them along. I’ve already gotten a good suggestion from Jimmy Nilsson and Enrico Sabbadin.