Reading Korby

Finally got around to subscribing to Korby Parnell’s blog. I met Korby at Scoble’s last blogger’s dinner. He is a wealth of information on VSS. He’s also into Wikis, something I’m investigating as part of my new role. I like the idea one of his readers had on a .NET doc wiki. However, why would it need to be located at a MS-independent site? Wouldn’t it be more powerful if MSFT set up and hosted such a site as part of the “official” documentation?

Korby also blogged on my entry regarding MC++ vs. C#. He did leave out the part that read: “If you’re wrapping an existing codebase with a C or C++ API…”. Looking back, I think I should have written “If you’re wrapping an existing codebase that exposes a C or C++ API…”. I’m not sure it’s a law of nature, but I’ve found it’s easier to add the managed parts to C++ than translate the whole API into C#.