Dinner, Weblogs & Code

Training for 8 work days + pregnant wife = much less time for blogging. But I did make it out to Sam Ruby‘s Weblog Gathering. Full list of attendee’s is available at Anita Rowland’s weblog (no RSS feed 😢). Had a great time.

Highlight for me was meeting Miguel de Icaza of the Mono project. He showed of Mono on his laptop plus took the time to explain why they chose the licenses they did. But the coolest part was first meeting him. When I realized who he was, I introduced myself and expressed how impressed I was regarding Mono’s progress. His response: “You guys have built a great platform.” I wish all interactions between commercial & non-commercial software advocates could be so respectful. (no flames please – I realize my employer has been equally at fault for not being respectful. Hopefully, we’re changing that.)