Dinner @ the Piersons

And then there is Julie, Harry’s wife. Every now and then I go over to their place for an incredible dinner. She is a fantastic cook, and I am sure I could maintain a decent weight if I eat reasonable portions, but its sooooo good, I can’t just have one portion. They keep saying I can come over more often, but thankfully I am in Bellevue, and they are up by the future MS campus in Issaquah. This means that, although the drive is only 10-20 minutes, I have to actively make an effort to go. But when I do go, it is often the highlight of the week. [Matt Williams Technovangelist]

Thanks Matt! As you can imagine, I share Matt’s one portion dilemma. The worst is chicken enchiladas – my wife’s chicken enchiladas are like crack. I look my empty plate and think “I could eat one more” even though I’ve polished off six already.

I also share his resolution to lose weight. Julie does too, but since she’s 8 months pregnant, losing weight now would be a bad thing. 😄