My Upcoming Article

They haven’t posted the article yet, but MSDN Magazine has posted their March Issue Preview, which will feature my first article:. Site Skinning: Rich XML Classes Let Users Personalize Their Visual Experience on Your ASP.NET Site. It’s about using a custom IHttpHander to build a Transform View for an ASP.NET website. Needless to say I’m pretty excited. I’ll be posting additional content related to the code here on this site (hence the recent facelift to the site – sitelift?) after the article ships. I’ve been delivering the content at .NET user group meetings up and down the west coast (most recently the MSDN chapter Phoenix) to good reviews, so I have high hopes for the article.

Now I just have to finish writing the second half – using CodeDOM to actually compile the pages just like ASP.NET WebForms do. It’s amazing how much easier writing the code is than the article that describes the code.