The Architect’s Journal

Clemens blogged the Microsoft EMEA Architect’s Journal a couple weeks ago. In addition to his article on dasBlog, issue 1 contains articles on SOA, architecture design, business process, meta-data driven design and rule-based application development. You can download the entire issue as a PDF. Major props to Arvindra Sehmi, editor of the Architect’s Journal. When I first took this job, Enrico Sabbadin suggested that MSDN Magazine should have a regular architecture focused article. I think we will all agree that Arvindra’s journal dedicated to the topic is an even better idea.

Going forward, my group will be working Arvindra’s group to help publish the journal. It’s interesting to note that none of the six articles in issue 1 are written by Microsoft architects. While I hope to see some articles written by Microsoft architects, the plan of action is to primarily feature architects from our partners, our customers and from the community. Anyone interested?