Building WinRT Components with C++/CX

I don’t get out to talk to customers like I used to in previous jobs. <sigh> But a few weeks ago, I got a chance to do a session at Channel 9′s Developing Windows 8 Metro style apps with C++ Windows Camp. There were some great talks at the event on XAML with C++, C++ for Metro Style Games and  using DirectX and XAML together. My talk was on building Windows Runtime Components in C++. Here’s the abstract:

The Windows Runtime enables developers from a variety of languages – JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic and C++ – to use the Windows APIs in a natural and familiar way. But did you know that you can build your own components that project into those same languages for use in your Metro style apps? Watch this session to learn how to build your own Windows Runtime components with C++ that can be used across languages in Metro style applications.

I haven’t had time, but I plan to blog the demo step-by-step like I did for my //build demo. In the meantime, check out the talk:

(Note, the static image below appears cut-off, but the video should scale to the width of my blog automatically. If not, head on over to the official page for the talk over on Channel 9)


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[...] weeks ago, I did a talk on building Windows Runtime components in C++. As part of that talk, I did a demo that showed accessing a WinRT component written in C++ from a [...]