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Enterprise 2.0 ARCast

Ron just posted his latest ARCast featuring yours truly talking about Enterprise 2.0. Some of the same stuff I blogged about last month, but in a conversational style. Check it out.

Architect Connections Conference

For any readers in LA, I’m keynoting the MS Architect Connections conference in LA next week. They have a few spots still open, so if you’re interested you can sign up here.

Rileyanne in Buttercup Field

I normally keep this blog clear of personal and political commentary, saving that talk for my personal blog on MSN Spaces. But this time I had to make an exception. Check out this awesome picture of my daughter Rileyanne in a field of buttercups. Isn’t she cute? 😄

TechEd Iron Architect Contest

For a change, I’m not involved with TechEd at ALL this year. It’s all Simon and Marty. Looks like they’ve got some cool stuff cooking, particularly the Iron Architect contest. Almost makes me wish I was going this year.

Hawk Eye on Windows Live ID

I am so digging the new new Windows Live Sign-in Assistant. If you haven’t seen it, it provides easy signin for people w/ multiple Passports Windows Live IDs. I use Windows Live Custom Domains to manage my email (which also rocks) which means I have my personal hotmail ID as well as my devhawk email ID. With the sign-in assistant, I get a slick login UI that lets me log in with either ID with a single click. Very nice. So far, the new sign-in only seems to be enabled for Windows Live Ideas, but I assume that will expand over time.

BTW, if you want this new sign-in experience, it looks like you need the new beta of Windows Live Messenger. There’s a bunch of other new stuff in the latest beta - new features, better perf and a more polished experience. AFAIK, you still need to be invited to join the beta. I have a bunch of invites – if you want one, drop me a line.