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Lunchtime Coffee 153

Morning Coffee 152

  • I was slammed Friday, so I didn’t get a chance to post the results of last Thursday night’s hockey game. I’m sure you’ve all been eager to hear. We lost, bad, 8-2. Personally, I was -3 and had no points, but I played much better than last week. We had three full lines of forwards, which was a big help, but I have started to find my ice-legs so to speak.
  • Charlie Calvert has the now-definitive list of LINQ to Everything. Of all of them, I found LINQ over C# fascinating, especially given my recent efforts in parsing.
  • Chris Tavares blogs about a distributed source control system called Bazaar. Unlike most version control systems, Bazaar is distributed which means you can use it without a server. According to Chris, you can share branches as easily as mailing a file. I wonder if you could make Bazaar work over a P2P network.
  • While looking up the MSDN link for the previous coffee item, I noticed an entire new section in the MSDN Library for Open Protocol Specifications. Not much to add, just wanted to highlight their existence.
  • Admitted non-designer Scott Guthrie shows off using the new version Expression Blend to build a Silverlight 2.0 app. Personally, I was most interested in seeing some of the new of built-in controls.

Morning Coffee 151

  • Unity’s first CTP was just over two weeks ago, but according to Grigori Melnik, it’s shipping just over two weeks from now. That seems pretty speedy to me. By the time I get a change to take a closer look at Unity, it’ll probably have shipped.
  • I discovered Matthew Podwysocki blog via DNK. I don’t typically subscribe to blogs that I discover via DNK, but Matthew has written about IoC/Unity, F# and DLR lately so I’m thinking I should be a regular reader.
  • Corporate VP David Treadwell has an extensive post on updates to the Windows Live Platform Services that are being unveiled at MIX next week. The updates include the new WL Messenger Library, a new SDK for WL ID Delegated Authentication, a new WL Photo API, a new CTP of WL Tools, standardized support for AtomPub, updates to WL Contacts API and Sivlerlight Streaming and a new “experimental” service called Application Based Storage that “allows application developers to store a small amount of state/configuration data in the WL data centers on behalf of a user”. I’m sure there’ll be more WL news at the MIX conference proper, but that’s quite a good chunk of features to start digging into. Personally, I’m particularly interested in WL Delegated Auth, esp. how it deals with phishing, something I don’t think OAuth handles very well.
  • Windows Live isn’t the only group making announcements in advance of MIX. Adobe announced a research project that allows “cross-compiling existing code from C, C++, Java, Python, and Ruby to ActionScript.” This seems pretty obviously a response to Silverlight 2.0′s embedded CLR, announced last year @ MIX. Support for C++ is very interesting – Adobe evangelist Ted Patrick claims they were even able to cross-compile Quake 1 to Flash. Interesting, but this is an internal research project @ Adobe with no projected release date while Silverlight 2.0 goes into beta next week.

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