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I’m back home from PyCon, but between digging out my inbox, finishing transition reports and doing my mid-year career discussion I’m a little busy. But I did want to point at a couple of recent posts from the IPy team blog:

Joining the Dynamic Languages Team

After nearly two years in MSIT and six years focused on architecture across three different roles, I’m moving on to a new job in the Developer Division. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be joining the Dynamic Languages team as a program manager. This is the team who ships IronPython, IronRuby, the Dynamic Language Runtime and Dynamic Silverlight. After seeing all the their cool work at Lang.NET this year, I just had to be a part of it.

As you might imagine, I’m pretty excited about this opportunity.

In the short term, I’ll be primarily focused on IronPython, which is marching towards their 2.0 release. Towards that end, I’m attending PyCon 2008 in Chicago this weekend, though I don’t officially change jobs for a couple more weeks. Longer term…well let’s just say I’m going to be really focused on doing my part to get IPy 2.0 out the door and after that we’ll see where things lie. This is a pretty big shift for me, so I’m explicitly trying to focus on short term work for the first six months in order to absorb as much knowledge as possible from the folks I’ll be working with like Jim Hugunin, John Lam, Martin Maly, Jimmy Schementi and a bunch of others who I haven’t met yet.

While this is a pretty big role shift, I haven’t given up my passion for services and/or architecture. In other words, this isn’t the last you’ll hear about Kitchen Sink Variability, the ROI of EA or my perspective on Nick’s Shared Integration Model. Obviously, with the job focus change, I expect focus on my blog to change as well. I’m not exactly sure how blogging fits into this new role, though the Dynamic Languages team is pretty open and many other members blog (as linked above) so I doubt I’m going anywhere. I’m going to try and keep blogging Morning Coffee, but I’m guessing it won’t be quite as regular as it has been in the past. Unfortunately, I am going to stop coding F# for a while (sorry, Don!) I can’t focus on learning two languages at once and obviously Python is my new top priority.

I wasn’t in my MSIT architect role that long, but I feel that the “in the trenches” experience will serve me greatly for years to come. And of course, I will miss my teammates, especially Dale  who regular readers might remember from filling in around here occasionally.

Morning Coffee 156

  • My hockey team won last night 4-2. No points for me, but I was even on the night. I did spend some time in the penalty box, but I was serving a two many men on the ice bench minor. We only had nine skaters, not enough for two full lines, so I’m pretty tired today. However, I’m not as tired as I was two weeks ago – that’s a good sign.
  • Politics 2.0 watch: The Obama campain announced yesterday that they raised $55 million in donations in the month of February. That’s significantly more than Clinton ($35 million) and McCain ($12 million) combined. Even more impressive is that $45 million of that was raised online, of which $40 million were from donations of $100 or less and $22.5 million were from donations of $25 or less. I guess in Politics 2.0, individuals contribute more than online punditry and video parodies of political commercials.
  • TextGlow is a Sivlerlight 2 based Word docx file viewer, created by James Newton-King. Nice, but what I really want is “SlideGlow”, a SL2 based PPTX file viewer. (via DNK)
  • Speaking of Silverlight, Windows Live launched an experimental site called PhotoZoom which will let you create DeepZoom photo albums. (via LiveSide)
  • Charlie Calvert has created a home for Language Futures discussion on MSDN Code Gallery. If you’ll recall, back in January he asked for input on Dynamic Lookup. Now he’s looking for feedback on Call Hierarchy, a proposed VS IDE feature to help you visualize how your code flows. Great idea, but the Call Hierarchy dialog mockup isn’t very intuitive. Couldn’t we put these visualizations into the code editor window directly, like CodeRush does?
  • John Lam continues his Dynamic Silverlight series, first building a Flickr image browser in Managed JScript then showing how to integrate an IronRuby version of the Flickr image browser with an ASP.NET MVC app.
  • EdJez is inspiring. Subscribed. (via Brad Wilson)

Morning Coffee 154

  • Did you see yesterday’s Dilbert cartoon? Classic.
  • MIX isn’t the only Microsoft conference this week. It’s also time for the annual MS Research TechFest conference. It actually started yesterday, with a keynote from Rick Rashid and Craig Mundy (available on demand). I’ll be heading up there later today and will blog everything I saw that is public, like I did last year. In the meantime, you can check out some cool MS Research projects on the TechFest video page.
  • Speaking of MS Research, they’ve published the Singularity source code (for academic and non-commercial purposes) on CodePlex. Singularity is research OS “focused on the construction of dependable systems”. I’ve wanted to play with this, but I’ve never had the time. Frankly, that hasn’t changed, but now that it’s available to the community, I’m hoping I can live vicariously thru other people hacking around with it.
  • Some announcements coming out of MIX won’t be a surprise to anyone:
  • Here some primarily “new” news from MIX:.
    • I’m not sure which team owns it, but I’d say the biggest previously-unannounced news was SQL Server Data Services (aka SSDS), a “highly scalable, on-demand data storage and query processing utility services.” In other words, SQL in the sky. There’s a free beta sometime this month you can sign up for. Very cool, though no word on what it’s going to cost. If you’re interested in this, I’d keep an I on the Data Platform Insider blog.
    • John Lam announces the Dynamic Silverlight extension that lets you run DLR languages on Silverlight. Given that they talked about this last year, I’m not sure it’s really “news”, but John provides lots of gory details so it made the cute. But are they really using “DSL” as the acronym for this? Guys, that acronym’s already taken.
    • Mary Jo Foley has a scoop on Silverlight for Nokia Symbian mobile phones.
    • There’s a new beta of Expression Studio 2 as well as a separate Expression Blend 2.5 preview for Silverlight 2. Soma has the details. This isn’t really a surprise, but I hadn’t seen any news on new versions of all the Expression Studio products.