Travel, SOA and Blogs

Finally home from being on the road all week. And w/o high speed access for half of it! But I spent much of my time talking about Services Oriented Architecture. I think figured out how I want to talk about it since last Tuesday. So I’m starting work on a new deck which evolves my .NET Vision presentation (that I have been delivering for over 2 years now) into something more related to SOA.

Of course, this whole “day job” thing means I’ll have less time for upgrading my blog infrastructure. So I decided to join Chris AndersonsBlogX workspace. Would there be any interest in a Site Skinned web front end? Unfortunately, that means scraping some of my past few days experimentation. I was playing around with Konstantin Knizhnik’s PERST Embedded OODBMS for C#. Sort of cool – but I’d like to see something more XML focused – perhaps a lightweight embedded XML storage engine (that’s XPath enabled of course).